A New System

Here on site we combine old excavating techniques with new ones. Developed by the senior staff, the team uses a barcoding system to record all artifacts, samples, sieved material and any archaeological features. All scanners are hooked to a totaling station which places all scanned material within a 3D mapped environment. The coordinates of all…

Pinnacle Point

Pinnacle point is made up of multiple cave and rock shelter sites situated along the coast. Although these sites currently sit at the edge of the ocean, 50-90,000 years ago these sites would have been facing a flat and open grassland savanna. Due to the rise and fall of glacial times the coastline was approximately¬†50…

Shark Diving

Today I got to cross one thing off of my bucket list…Shark diving!

A Special Find

Special finds allow for new and more detailed interpretations as to what the past was like.