A Day of Rest

Today was spent recuperating from the many long flights. Having flown a total of 9550 miles over the past three days it is delightful to be able to finally rest. During this downtime I met with the rest of the team as well as our site director Curtis Marean. A couple of us decided to leisurely explore the town before we started work the following day. Located on Southern Cape, Mossel Bay has an average of 60,000 inhabitants. The majority of the town relies on tourism and fishing industry giving the town a quiet but electrifying feeling. It is here where the largest accumulation of great white sharks, humpback, and southern right whales live. In addition, a large number of dolphins, seals and otters found within the cold choppy waters here, and that is only what is found out at sea! On land, many heartbeats, gazelles, antelope, dassies, hyenas and sand leopards can be spotted along the coastal cliff sides. It truly is a beautiful place to be and I can hardly wait to start excavating at the sites!


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